We have the products and service capabilities to help you extend the life of your powertrain equipment, make all vehicle repairs, maximize your uptime, and experience optimal performance – all to help you deliver on time, on budget and exceed expectations.

Inspections, Diagnostics & Repairs

We know how critical uptime is to your success. When a warning light comes on or an engine goes down, our service team quickly responds to resolve the issue and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

  • Replacement

Want to install a new transmission instead of buying a new vehicle? We are an authorized distributor for warranty-backed Allison Transmission.


We are an authorized dealer for warranty-backed Allison Transmission factory ReTran® remanufactured transmissions and Weller remanufactured transmissions.

  • Repairs

Problems with an EGR valve? Leaking oil? Our factory-certified mechanics are trained to identify the problem and fix any engine.

  • Engine Overhaul

Not ready to invest in a new vehicle? We can break down, clean, service, repair, and re-assemble your failing engine block to prolong the lifespan of your diesel engine no matter what the brand is.


Running low on fluids? We perform routine tune-ups to keep your engine running at maximum power and efficiency.

Our service centers are able to repair, rebuild or replace any transmission including yours.

  • Diagnostics

Running at low power? Service light on? Problems with late-shifting gears or slipping transmission? We perform electronic diagnostics and tests to pinpoint the issue. Here is how:

  • SPEC Tool© Investment Analysis
  • Driveline Spec’ing with iSCAAN
  • Allison DOC™ Software
  • Allison TransHealth™
  • Experienced factory-trained technicians
  • Fully equipped service trucks to reduce downtime

Our service centers are able to repair, rebuild or replace any transmission including yours.