Your Ideal Solution for Year Around Heat and Power.

Reliable heat and energy to power your greenhouse year around.

Your Single Source Solution

The greenhouses demand high levels of heat and energy throughout the year. The combined heat and power (CHP) systems of W.W. Williams de Mexico are an optimal and proven solution. Reliable in greenhouses around the world, our systems provide heat and energy simultaneously. The electricity is used to feed the hundreds and thousands of greenhouses of light necessary for the cultivation of plants. The heat provided by the CHP system keeps the temperature at a perfect level throughout the year. To increase efficiency, the exhaust gases of the CHP system can be used as fertilizer.

Why W.W. Williams de Mexico:

  • Guarantees the reduction in electricity costs with higher quality and continuity
  • It allows the Obtaining of Important Savings in the consumption of Fuels
  • Substantially reduces operating costs and increases profitability in the agricultural sector
  • Optimizes CO2 emissions to accelerate crop growth by increasing yield per hectare
  • It allows to shorten the periods of time between harvests and improve the quality of the products
  • It contributes significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Attractive investment returns

Reliable Heat and Power

We offer a full-line or world-class products from mtu to power your facility and operations.

  • Natural Gas Generator Systems

    Combine the highest performance with the lowest emissions in the 128 kW - 2,535 kW electrical power range.

Find Your Power Solution

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